Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things I Love Thursday!

It's Things I Love Thursday again!
I should do it more often, I find it is a nice gratitude exercise...
What do I love today?

  • My job, that allows me to take free ballet classes, teach music to two little children, look from time to time at the gym instructors (yum!) and have espresso for free!
  • Boyfriend, as always, who hugs me at night when I am too anxious to sleep. And cooks for me when I come home late. And parks my car while I am having dinner... I feel really really lucky!
  • Shopping with sister! We kept saying to each other, this morning - I am not coming with you anymore: look how much I spent!
  • Little niece who is coming in Jan. I am so happy and excited, I have already chosen presents for her!
  • And my new sweather. Pics to come soon.
  • Mom's vegetable soup. It's the best lunch in this almost fall day. It's so comforting...
  • Free morning tomorrow! I think I'll take a long walk to Trastevere, look at the windows of the small boutiques/shops, may be buy some little sweet thing to eat for dessert, and come back by bus.
Life is lovely, isn't it?

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