Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things I love Thursday

It's Thursday again (man, last week flew by!) and time for some gratitude!
Today I love...

  • Apples! The small little apples from a small field that belong to granma. They are really small (about 1/3 of a normal apple) and green and not too shiny, but so delicious!
  • Going to Lucca on Sunday. To see the comics expo. Hope it'll be nice weather (or at least not this crappy) and we'll have enough time to go see beautiful Ilaria del Carretto in the Cathedral...
  • Trashy italian music from the '80. It's so fun...
  • Edoardo Bennato! I just re-discovered him. A great musician and a great singer.
  • Fall! It's here finally. Ok, the weather has been crappy and rainy and windy. But I couldn't stand the heat anymore!
  • My last 2 days at this job. I am sad of leaving, really sad. But the new job is supposed to be exciting and interesting.
  • Having to choose what to wear for new job. I can't wear jeans, so may be this time all other things in the closet (skirts, pants, shirts, and especially... nice shoes!) will get some use! And this brings me to...
  • My new shoes! Kind gift from mom. I should post a picture. I love them.
That's all for now... What are you thankful for?

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