Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The sky it's getting cloudy, days are not long anymore, but fall, with its chilly days and blue skys doesn't want to come. It's still too warm to wear boots, and wool, and coats.

I really am missing fall in Buffalo, with its blue skys and red and yellow leaves. It seemed nature wanted to say goodbye to everybody before going to sleep under a blanket of snow (a thick blanket of snow).

I made the first season's apple cake (not a pie!), last saturday, and that gave me an extreme satisfaction.

Days seem to pass by so fast, without anything really happening.

But some things are happening...

I sent the application for a job in Milan, which I am never going to accept, I just go there to do a nice presentation and hope that someone of the committee is going to need me in a place closer to Rome.

I went out on Sat, and for the first time in years I got back at 3:30 am. It was fun, but I am too old for that. I wonder how our friends can do that every saturday!

Did my second music lesson to a 5 years old kid. This time, I think I made it fun for him. He was particularly happy when he realized what he was playing on the piano was the same little song we learned last week. And seems like I'll have another little student next week, a little girl this time.

I started to play again yesterday. I should become serious about this too, and when I have a decent job, find a teacher than can take me to my last exam. That would be so satisfying!
At work we don't have phone line nor internet. So yesterday was a VERY boring day! No customers, no internet, nothing to read...
Today I'll take with me "The Great Gatsby". Time to get to this book, anyway...

I posted this picture I took 2 years ago at a park in Williamsville, near Buffalo. I loved every thing of that little park: the waterfall, the little ponf with ducks, and especially the red house. And here she is particularly beautiful with the fall-colored trees.

I am particularly nostalgic today...


Kelly said...

Did you shut down your comments? I wanted to leave one on one of your more recent posts but I couldn't find the button anywhere!

chiara said...

I have no idea what happened.
Comments are supposed to be enabled, by anyone, but it doesn't show the label "post a comment". I have no idea!


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