Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things I love Thursday

It's Thursday again (man, last week flew by!) and time for some gratitude!
Today I love...

  • Apples! The small little apples from a small field that belong to granma. They are really small (about 1/3 of a normal apple) and green and not too shiny, but so delicious!
  • Going to Lucca on Sunday. To see the comics expo. Hope it'll be nice weather (or at least not this crappy) and we'll have enough time to go see beautiful Ilaria del Carretto in the Cathedral...
  • Trashy italian music from the '80. It's so fun...
  • Edoardo Bennato! I just re-discovered him. A great musician and a great singer.
  • Fall! It's here finally. Ok, the weather has been crappy and rainy and windy. But I couldn't stand the heat anymore!
  • My last 2 days at this job. I am sad of leaving, really sad. But the new job is supposed to be exciting and interesting.
  • Having to choose what to wear for new job. I can't wear jeans, so may be this time all other things in the closet (skirts, pants, shirts, and especially... nice shoes!) will get some use! And this brings me to...
  • My new shoes! Kind gift from mom. I should post a picture. I love them.
That's all for now... What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A full closet, and nothing to wear.

This morning, the funniest things happened.
I stayed at bf's place last night. And today, he was trying to get dressed, staring at the open wardrobe and drawers, and screaming it's not possible he has no cotton sweathers he can wear in this period of the year. I pulled out a cotton sweather, and he screamed that one doesn't match the shirt he was wearing.
He was having an oh-so-girly empty-closet syndrome!
I tried to manage not to laugh at him (I mean, what's the problem? Change your shirt, and this afternoon you just go out and buy a cotton sweather you can wear with the first shirt. Right?), and after having listened to good five minutes of swear words of various type and kind, I offered to go buy a cotton sweather for him, that would go well with the famous shirt, provided he'd tell me the maximum amount he wants to spend.
He said he wants to buy it by himslef. Fair enough.

But it's too funny. Instead of desperate, as a woman would be, he was mad.
Besides, he could have changed his shirt...

Monday, October 27, 2008


I did it. I was able to re-enable comment posting.
I have no idea what happened, comments got turned off...
Thanks Kelly for noticing it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another song

Don't know what got into me today. I have spent the last 2 hours listening to italian songs from the 80s.

Love this one!

Album of the Day

Today I am Loving "Burattino Senza Fili" by Edoardo Bennato. It's a 1977 album, but I love the songs, what they mean, and the fact that they sound so "modern"!
These are my favourites.

What do you think? Even if you don't understand the words, just listen to the music...

Passeggiata a Trastevere

Today I had the morning off. And I decided to take the bus and get lost in Trastevere.
Trastevere is a borough of Rome, not too far from bf's apartment, and its name means "at the other side of the Tiber (Rome's river)". The other side with respect to other famous places, such as Piazza Navona, or the Spanish Steps, or the Colosseum...
So, after an uneventful bus ride, about 5 minutes long (I was expecting a mess in front of the School and University Ministry, since there have been demonstrations this week), I get off and head for the small, cobbled streets that have made Trastevere famous. I pass by the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere, by the place where last Saturday I spent the night until 3 am, the Doors blasting, drinks pouring, even after it closed (my girlfriend is close friend with the owner, so we stayed in after they closed the doors), and started my walk in the vicoli, the narrow streets. Such a contrast between morning time and Saturday night. Most of the resturants/pubs were closed. Few people walking around, sitting at cafés, displays of fruits and vegetables outside stores, some shops open, with their delightful (and very expensive!!!) offerings of clothes, bags, shoes, chocolate and gourmet food. I start walking in the "Vicolo del Bologna", which becomes narrower while the buildings seem to grow taller. Squares of sun and shadow alternate on the cobblestones. Plants grow on the wall. And suddenly this strong smell. I recognize it: it's pasta sfoglia (something similar to phillo paste, but not quite), it all its buttery gloriousness.
Then the street end in another, larger one. More people walk by. I notice an old lady (about 60) with a black suit jacket, floral long flowy skirt, and a cloche. She looks lovely.
And a bike passes very close to me. An older lady is riding: white short air, black pants, extremely elegant. I want to be like her when I am 70.
I have walked for a while now. I head towards Viale Trastevere, where I can take my bus. I pass in front of the Ministry again. I hear a lonely voice, someone left a recorder. It keeps repeating.
"Stella, parlami" (Stella, talk to me).
Stella is MariaStella Gelmini, secretary for school and university affairs. She doesn't want to talk to the protesters. She says they're all terrorists.
It's a sad scene.
But the sun is shining, it smells food, and I feel like smiling. It's a beautiful Friday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things I Love Thursday!

It's Things I Love Thursday again!
I should do it more often, I find it is a nice gratitude exercise...
What do I love today?

  • My job, that allows me to take free ballet classes, teach music to two little children, look from time to time at the gym instructors (yum!) and have espresso for free!
  • Boyfriend, as always, who hugs me at night when I am too anxious to sleep. And cooks for me when I come home late. And parks my car while I am having dinner... I feel really really lucky!
  • Shopping with sister! We kept saying to each other, this morning - I am not coming with you anymore: look how much I spent!
  • Little niece who is coming in Jan. I am so happy and excited, I have already chosen presents for her!
  • And my new sweather. Pics to come soon.
  • Mom's vegetable soup. It's the best lunch in this almost fall day. It's so comforting...
  • Free morning tomorrow! I think I'll take a long walk to Trastevere, look at the windows of the small boutiques/shops, may be buy some little sweet thing to eat for dessert, and come back by bus.
Life is lovely, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The sky it's getting cloudy, days are not long anymore, but fall, with its chilly days and blue skys doesn't want to come. It's still too warm to wear boots, and wool, and coats.

I really am missing fall in Buffalo, with its blue skys and red and yellow leaves. It seemed nature wanted to say goodbye to everybody before going to sleep under a blanket of snow (a thick blanket of snow).

I made the first season's apple cake (not a pie!), last saturday, and that gave me an extreme satisfaction.

Days seem to pass by so fast, without anything really happening.

But some things are happening...

I sent the application for a job in Milan, which I am never going to accept, I just go there to do a nice presentation and hope that someone of the committee is going to need me in a place closer to Rome.

I went out on Sat, and for the first time in years I got back at 3:30 am. It was fun, but I am too old for that. I wonder how our friends can do that every saturday!

Did my second music lesson to a 5 years old kid. This time, I think I made it fun for him. He was particularly happy when he realized what he was playing on the piano was the same little song we learned last week. And seems like I'll have another little student next week, a little girl this time.

I started to play again yesterday. I should become serious about this too, and when I have a decent job, find a teacher than can take me to my last exam. That would be so satisfying!
At work we don't have phone line nor internet. So yesterday was a VERY boring day! No customers, no internet, nothing to read...
Today I'll take with me "The Great Gatsby". Time to get to this book, anyway...

I posted this picture I took 2 years ago at a park in Williamsville, near Buffalo. I loved every thing of that little park: the waterfall, the little ponf with ducks, and especially the red house. And here she is particularly beautiful with the fall-colored trees.

I am particularly nostalgic today...

Friday, October 17, 2008


Love this song.
It makes me want to jump around like a kid.
It's pure sillyness!


Well, here how it goes.
I reply to an ad. They were looking for a secretary, excellent english, excellent use of the computer, good standing, attitude to work in team and with customers. They ask to send a resumé with pic.
I send the resumé, the cover letter, etc. After about a week they reply to my email asking for things that are already written on my resumé. Things such as - address, phone number, birth date. So I think- these people are not even able to open attachments - but I reply again.
Then, yesterday evening, another email. They ask if I am available to work as the manager's personal assistant, I have to assure them that I am vey reserved, willing to travel for work both in Italy and abroad, willing to work in strict contact with the manager and do a trial perod to know each other better.
Ah, and - please send more pictures, both face and whole body.

WTF!!! What is this supposed to mean?
I am sick and tired of that. Of people calling me because I have sent my resumé, who ask where I live (it's written there) or what is my degree in(it's written there too) or if I have ever worked in that field (that is written there, also). What is a resumé for?
And then people offering apparently a nice job. I'd really like to go to the interview with the above guys, and take with me a friend of mine. Who is a policeman.

Doesna girl need a bodyguard to be safe while seeking a job???

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Up and down

I really hate this expression... but I have been on an emotional roller-coaster this last month.
I have found a job but is far from home, pays very little, and I am extremely overqualified for it.
But it's a job, nonetheless, and it's not like I have an alternative. So, I had to take it. Besides, people who work here are very nice, and I can take my ballet class for free. And teach music ed to a kid, which is always fun.
And - another of the job perks: I can turn my head and admire the perfection of one of the personal trainers at any time.

Yesterday I got the news that I owe the university 617 euros, for a mistake they made on payments. This is more than I am gonna earn this month. Besides, they didn't pay me for 2 weeks, in April, for some obscure bureaucratic reasons, and there's nothing I can do for this.
Did I mention - 600 euros really do make a difference for me now?

Boyfriend is extremely supportive. Incredibly suportive. Like the time he hug me at night, when I was crying. It's just that sometimes I think the whole situation is too much for me, and I can't take it anymore...

People from the job I should have started last July called me, finally. Looks like some things are moving, and may be sooner or later they might actually hire me. Today a girl from the place called me and asked for the place I was born and my "social security number" to put on the contract. So, I am hoping for the best- but not too much.

Sister is expecting a baby girl. But lately she hasn't felt well, so we all got very scared. Doctor said it's nothing to worry about, but she has to learn to stay at home and lay (not easy for her).

That's all for now. I'd love to go to theatre or to a concert, but money is very tight.
I know I have to concentrate on things I do have (including my apartment), but sometimes it's so hard, and I'd really like to just go out and go shopping.
Oh well...


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