Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pointless food post (but it was good!!!)

Today it was such a boring day... so in the afternoon I went to Frascati to windowshop, only to discover that about half of the stores in the town are closed for vacation!
But at least I bought some bread. It was such a beautiful bread, that I knew immediately I had to use it to make bruschetta.
Bruschetta is pretty much just toasted bread, better if done on the barbecue, after you are done cooking meat, but I only have a oven for now, so I made do.
You can put everything you like on top, from simple salt and olive oil, to olive or mushroom paste.
I chose tomato salad. It really was delicious, even more because the olive oil I used was made by my uncle, who has olive trees and makes from them enough oil for his family. And you can really taste the difference.
And the basil, was mine, from by balcony.
I love this kind of things, going out on the balcony and getting basil, or red pepper, or rosemary. Reminds me of when I was younger, when I'd cut all the veggies I could find to make soup, then go to my mom's garden and choose what herbs I felt like adding to it. It was good, different every time. But I digress.
The bruschetta was good!

Here's the result:

You can see how beautifully round-shaped was the bread.
I had that for dinner, some cheese and a peach. Loved it!

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