Saturday, August 30, 2008

Definitely a nerd.

Yes, I can't hide it, I am a nerd.
Here. It's official.
Yesterday morning I was sitting on the bed. Near me, I had a Fornarina catalogue, and my organic chemistry book.
And my hand went grabbing the book.
And a "nerd" neon sign suddenly appeard to me.
What can I do, I love things that make sense. And although organic chem seems to not make any, after careful studying and reviewing, it does.
And I am so happy when my student writes a formula I don't remember and I can immediately catch the mistake in it, because it's clear, it cannot make sense written as it is.
May be I should have titled this post "the joys of chemistry?"

PS - I went to the Fornarina store after reading my book, so I am partially redeemed, I guess

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