Saturday, August 30, 2008

Definitely a nerd.

Yes, I can't hide it, I am a nerd.
Here. It's official.
Yesterday morning I was sitting on the bed. Near me, I had a Fornarina catalogue, and my organic chemistry book.
And my hand went grabbing the book.
And a "nerd" neon sign suddenly appeard to me.
What can I do, I love things that make sense. And although organic chem seems to not make any, after careful studying and reviewing, it does.
And I am so happy when my student writes a formula I don't remember and I can immediately catch the mistake in it, because it's clear, it cannot make sense written as it is.
May be I should have titled this post "the joys of chemistry?"

PS - I went to the Fornarina store after reading my book, so I am partially redeemed, I guess

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pointless food post (but it was good!!!)

Today it was such a boring day... so in the afternoon I went to Frascati to windowshop, only to discover that about half of the stores in the town are closed for vacation!
But at least I bought some bread. It was such a beautiful bread, that I knew immediately I had to use it to make bruschetta.
Bruschetta is pretty much just toasted bread, better if done on the barbecue, after you are done cooking meat, but I only have a oven for now, so I made do.
You can put everything you like on top, from simple salt and olive oil, to olive or mushroom paste.
I chose tomato salad. It really was delicious, even more because the olive oil I used was made by my uncle, who has olive trees and makes from them enough oil for his family. And you can really taste the difference.
And the basil, was mine, from by balcony.
I love this kind of things, going out on the balcony and getting basil, or red pepper, or rosemary. Reminds me of when I was younger, when I'd cut all the veggies I could find to make soup, then go to my mom's garden and choose what herbs I felt like adding to it. It was good, different every time. But I digress.
The bruschetta was good!

Here's the result:

You can see how beautifully round-shaped was the bread.
I had that for dinner, some cheese and a peach. Loved it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Following the steps of Ancient Romans

This morning, in a burst of enthusiasm, and because it looked like the day ahead would be warm and sunny but not excessively hot, bf and I decided to hike the Via Sacra (the Sacred Path), a roman path which used to join the Appia Street to a Jupiter sanctuary. This place is about 15 minutes drive from where I live, a nice area south of Rome, where since ancient times people from the eternal city used to come on vacation.
We took the path late in the morning. I was expecting a nice easy walk, but it came out to be a real hike. I wasn't prepared for that, at least psychologically, but we made it to the place near the top where you can see the two lakes, the Albano lake and the Nemi lake.
It starts as a path in the woods. After climbing about one hour, it takes you to the real roman path. You can recognize it from the stones that constitute the street. It develops in the woods, climbing the hill and becoming steeper and steeper.
It was a really nice hike. The view at the end was totally worth the effort.
Now, stop talking and show some evidence:

This is the path itself

And this is happy me when we reached the point where we could see the two lakes (only the Albano lake is visible here, the Nemi lake would be on the left):

I should have taken a picture of the pizza we eat when we got home too, but it disappeared before I could think of it!

There are so many nice areas around here where we could go walking/hiking. The problem is that I take them for granted, and never think of going. This one hike was bf's idea, he has been asking me for weeks to take him there.
Next time, I'll try to convince bf to hike the Tuscolo hill. So, hopefully more pics to come!


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