Thursday, July 24, 2008


Which means... Things I Love Thursday. It's an idea I took from gala (, but I haven't done in a while.
This perhaps the right moment, since I am in deep depression and having a terribe itchy allergic reaction... to life, I guess, since there woulnd't be any physical reason for my big red blotches that appear and disappear as they please, with much suffering (for me) in between. So, it's time to do a little gratitude exercise for the good things that nontheless are present in my life.

Without further esitation, here are the things I am loving today

1) my pharmacist, first of all, who gave me these pills that should chase away my allergy and make my day more relaxed as a consequence.
2) my cousin who just got back from London and is coming with me to take a long nice walk tomorrow evening.
3) bf, who is so patient and supportive I almost cannot believe it
4) eggplants! I am going to prepare them for dinner, stuffed with potatoes and cheese. Besides, I just love their violet color.
5) the absence of mosquitoes here in the town, even if they make it up for their absence every time I sleep in Rome
6)granma who buys cheese and prosciutto for me, even though I am not yet totally broken, because she says I have to eat a little to face life's challenges

these are the main things, but there are so much more...

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Anonymous said...

This is just what I needed to be a little bit less pessimistic today! If you can be positive while having an allergic reaction, I can too. :)


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