Sunday, July 6, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

So, today I went around to look for picture-worthy subjects, together with my love.
I haven't done that for months, now. I fogot how much I like it.

And I am especially happy L came with me. He is usually depressed on Sunday because of the impellent start of the work week, but he's on vacation tomorrow, so he was so happy and enthousiastic to do things and go places.

FIrst, I took some pictures of the Tuscolo hill.

Then, we went to Frascati, took some more pictures, then went look at a small fair. There was one especially beautyful stand, and I had to take a pic of that too!

Then some well deserved shopping. All in one morning!!!

I loved it today, it was so refreshing for me to spend a day like this again...

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