Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's have fun!

Yesterday I went to have a chat with a professor in the mechanic and aeronautic engineering dept at the university where I got my degree. He was really kind to meet me and explain me the new system, which I am not really familiar with.

It's nice that I might be able to transfer about 50 credits from my other degree, that is all the maths, phys, chem and a couple of other exams, probably industrial chemical plants. So I can go on with more specific (and interesting) exams. I mean, why should I re-study partial derivatives, if I have already done that...
I thought it'd be a little akward to be there, among young students, but after all I do work at the university now, so I see these young kids every day.

But the nicest thing (which also reminded me of a post by Kelly (http://proficiscamur.blogspot.com/), was when he asked me - why do you want to get another degree?
And I replied - just for fun!
He appeard somehow relieved, as he said that's a good reason, otherwise another degree is useless.

And when I was leaving, he said to me, when I thanked him: you're welcome, and have fun!

How nice!

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Kelly said...

aww, thanks for mentioning my blog! I think it's awesome that you're getting another degree for fun! I minored in Latin as an undergrad, and took Greek classes as well (that I didn't need to take as any requirement). Everyone always asks me why I bothered with it, since Latin has no practical application. I tell them that it's so I can read the ATMs in the Vatican (I hear they're in Latin). We all know I did it because I'm a big nerd and thought it was fun ;-)


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